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This section provides summaries of key aspects of the Australian tax system, including comparisons with systems in other countries. It focuses especially on information which is relevant to tax policy issues that affect the interests of lower- and middle-income people.

Some of the papers in this section are prepared by TaxWatch itself. Others come from a variety of sources and are the sole responsibility of the designated authors.

Media representatives or other people seeking further information or comment about issues covered in the papers are welcome to contact TaxWatch or the designated authors.

 Official PAPERS

  • Federal Australian Papers:
    • Federal Budgets
    • Federal Tax Expenditure Statements
    • Federal Tax Statistics Reports
    • Other
  • International Papers:
    • OECD Revenue Statistics
    • OECD Economic Survey: Australia 2012

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TaxWatch Papers

  • THE COMPARATIVE UPDATE: An International Comparison of the Australian Tax System
  • Corporate income tax rates
  • Tricks of the Trade

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