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Rising Inequality: An Australian reality

September 13, 2017

Rising Inequality: An Australian Reality

ACTU, September 2017

This report shows  Australia is at risk of becoming an Americanised society of working poor if people are not given a pay rise. 

Rising inequality is forcing working people into poverty, with the number of workers who are now on minimum or award wages rocketing a staggering eight per cent in six years to 2016. 

The ACTU has produced this report because, while the Turnbull Government continues to throw its support behind the big corporations and a group of small elites, Australian workers and families are struggling to pay the bills. 

And while many Australians are struggling to pay the bills, the Turnbull Government is attacking the very people who could help them get a pay rise – unions. 

Unions have been on the frontline of collective change for more than a century and it is only through our work that working people see positive adjustments to their pay and conditions. 

If the Government continues to try to destroy unions, and with them working people’s rights at work Australia will be a fully Americanised society of high inequality and dead end jobs, with long working hours, no holidays, zero job security and poverty pay levels.